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Become a Trustee

As we are a micro-charity with no paid staff, the Board of Trustees meets monthly to monitor progress and decide strategy. We need a broad spectrum of trustees, some with specific responsibilities and some with none, but all with the energy and commitment to drive us through our upcoming campaign and then on to the next level. We would not expect all trustees to attend all meetings, but we would ask each one to attend at least six per year.

PLEASE NOTE that duties are to be reviewed in line with Covid 19 safe working practices. Meetings may be remote in the short to medium time.

Roles we currently need to fill:

As we look to find a permanent home that is big enough for our needs, we need a fundraiser. We are specifically looking for a person who is able to write fundraising bids and has their eye on current trends. We will provide access to training, of course.


If you have marketing skills your expertise will help us reach more people: collection points, donors, local government agencies, community groups. As we look to expand our operations further into Nottingham and the County, we need a good communicator to build relationships.


Could you work with our Chair to minute and plan Board meetings and generally keep all trustees updated? Then you could be our secretary. This post has to be voted in, but if you have the skills, please get in touch.

Before you apply to be a trustee, it would be a good idea to check out the legal requirements on the Charity Commission website, on and search for The Essential Trustee. This is where you will also find our aims if you search for our charity number, 1182290.

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