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We need volunteers for every part of our organisation:

We need drivers to deliver and collect collection boxes, and to deliver our bags. There is lots of driving to be done during busy times and the more drivers we have the less if a burden it becomes.


We need people to take the donations and sort them into age and gender groups ready to be wrapped.


We need people to wrap the donations either at home, at our base, or at your club meeting. We have 2 Guide groups, two housebound individuals, a social group and a Church house group, so wrapping can be done in any clean setting. We will deliver and collect if necessary.


We need event staff that can help at our local fundraising events, school and village fairs and our annual craft fair and fashion show. Fresh event ideas are also always welcome.


To deliver talks to schools and clubs.


Do you communicate well? We need people to help us recruit new collection points, either in person or by telephone.


We need you to organise collections in your own area and bring them to base. We would ask you to also make contact with agencies in your area that would benefit from our service and be their liaison.

Floor sweepers, tea makers, bag packers - all have a place at BoBs and every hour of your time given to us will be appreciated. No previous experience is necessary and, where needed, training will be provided.

If any of the trustee or volunteer roles appeal to you please contact us for an application form.

PLEASE NOTE that duties are to be reviewed in line with Covid 19 safe working practices. Any meetings may be remote in the short to medium time.

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