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Host Nottingham Clothes Bank Needs Your Help

Please read and if you can donate anything please ring Chris Shuter on 07921256765. Thank you.

We received this email from Jane Henson the other day.

I help run a Clothes Bank for asylum seekers and refugees in the City. Over the last year we have received referrals for and packed and distribute more than 1300 bags of clothes which have been specifically requested by individuals. However, we are now very short of essential clothing and are supporting families from Afghanistan as well as other places. I am attaching a list and these are the things that we need. We have to very specific about what we need as we have very limited space and storage. We have received dozens of donations, but unfortunately a large proportion of these are not what we need or are inappropriate or unusable.

We are in URGENT need of clothes for asylum seekers and refugees in the City’. We are providing more than 20 bags of clothes each week and sometimes more.

What we need:

Men's Items: (Medium and Large only) - T shirts - Jeans - Joggers - Warm Jackets

URGENTLY NEEDED - Trainers (sizes 7, 8,9,10 and half sizes)

URGENTLY NEEDED - Hats , Scarves and Gloves

Women's items: (All sizes 8 – 18, nothing larger) - Tops - Trousers - Hoodies / warm tops - Warm coats and jackets

Children’s: Girls clothes for 10 – 16 only.

Children’s coats for 5 – 15 years only.

Underwear and socks for men and women (brand new in packets) (Men’s pants Medium and Large - Women’s size 10 – 16)

Toiletries for men and women (unopened) Just the basics, shower gels/ deodorants / body sprays, no bath bombs/hair colorants etc!

Extra items Urgently need RUCKSACS and WHEELED SUITCASES. Also phones (unlocked, wiped and working!),

What we don't need: - No damaged unwashed clothes - No clothes in sizes larger than large (no XL or above of anything) - No children’s shoes - No bedding - No make up or half used toiletries - No inappropriate clothing (no high heels/handbags/ men’s leather shoes etc)


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